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10 Freedom, then, is a name and a game, 11 but the slakes are very high. 12 The Great Alchemist demands absolute obedience from every adherent 13 and from all who would practice the game of victorious becoming.

14 Man is a limited creature. 15 He is limited by the mésalliances he has formed, 16 often in the bane of ignorance. 17 Therefore, we must commence by literally turning the being of man upside down and inside out. 18 We must ferret out the little tricks that have been employed by the finite self in maintaining its own sovereignty over the lives of others, 19 for it is the sense of struggle that has actually created a struggle in the lives of countless millions.

20 But when they shed that sense, 21 when they perceive that the universe is a harmonious working-together of light serving light, 22 they will hasten to be about the Father's business of transmuting the shroud that covers the earth, 23 the shroud that is composed of the elements of mankind's own insanity and destructive emotional patterns.

24 The sacred fire has been distorted through the misuse of sex, 25 and sacred music has been aborted through the introduction of astral and voodoo rhythms.

26 The new moralities of the people must be seen for what they are, simply the old and sordid outworkings of Sodom and Gomorrah come again. 27 Children are taught to pay homage to personalities, 28 and thus they follow after rock 'n' roll idols who themselves are the victims of the demons of darkness.

29 The brutal noises of these pied pipers jar the fine sensibilities of the soul 30 and destroy the inner electronic machinery that would enable the youth to attune with the Spirit of God and 31 to decipher the tongues of angels.

32 The game now is to draw the youth into a spirit of rebellion before they have the opportunity of developing a correct understanding of life 33 and of their destiny (Deity established in you) as heirs of God.

34 But I cannot honestly say that their elders have excelled in virtue, 35 nor do I find that the power of example has been spread abroad in the world as it should.

The ancient proverb "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old. he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6) 37 has failed of expression in many generations.

38 Nevertheless, we must not destroy the foundation of hope in the world; 39 for although there have been failures, 40 there have also been numerous successes, many of them unchronicled in the annals of the race.

Spiritual Alliance.

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