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1 The history of man’s devotion to the cause of freedom may never be written either for the planet or for the individual.

2 Therefore, man will never know by outward study the true story of freedom. 3 Nevertheless, through the outreach of the Spirit of God in man and its wondrous attunement with the central clearinghouse for every part of life, 4 he may enter into the akashic records of those solemn moments in the lives of other men and thereby perceive how they obtained their victory.

5 Even as the alchemist builds on the discoveries of his predecessors, 6 so there is an inner teacher within every heart who tutors the outer self, 7 subduing it when necessary and guiding the fires of the mind in their search for the oftentimes invisible strands of reality.

8 When the subject of creation is given more than ordinary consideration, man begins to
realize that his own destiny lies as a gift in his hands.

   -- Practical Alchemy.

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  1. Saint Germain on Alchemy - Third Edition released.

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