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1 When the Great Alchemist's Spirit breathed into man's nostrils the breath of life, the fire of creative Spirit filled the clay tabernacle. 2 An embryonic god was born.

3 The practical aspects of alchemy are to be found in manifestation only in the one who has developed the power to execute the design of freedom.

4 Whatsoever bindeth is not the friend of the alchemist: 5 yet it is the goal of the alchemist to bind the soul to its immortal tryst in order that the pact of life might be sanctified even as the precious gift of individual identity is accepted.

6 Now, the identity of the alchemist is to be found in the mandate "'Create!" 7 And in order that he might obey, the fiery energies of creation are dispensed to him each moment. 8 Like crystal beads descending upon a crystal thread. 9 the energies of the creative essence of life descend into the chalice of consciousness. 10 Neither halting nor delaying in their appointed course. 11 they continue to fall into the repository of man's being.

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