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9 The True Science of the Spirit is more exact than mundane measures can yet determine.

10 Therefore, know thy Self as the white stone or elixir from whence all thy creation must proceed in orderly fashion.

11 If the key ideas are not created from within thee who art the alchemist, 12 then the whole act is either hapless or an imitation of the work of another. 13 Now, if it be God thou wouldst imitate, then Well done! 14 may truly be spoken of thee; but if the vanity of mankind, then piteous let thy consciousness remain.

15 The True Self of man, from whence cometh every goodly design, is worthy to be consulted as to what it is desirable to create.

16 Therefore, the true alchemist begins his experiment by communing with himself in order to perceive the inspiring thoughts of the radiant mind of his Creator.
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