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243 The law of perversion by misqualification of the original Principle in the practice of the black arts by adepts of the left-handed path, 244 we see, is all confused and mixed up with the adaptation of the Hegelian synthesis to the Communist world view.

245 In order for their theory to come out. 246 they must insert seeds of corruption in every thesis they desire to swallow up by the creation of a synthetic (trumped up) antithesis.

247 If Christ Truth be the premise of the abundant Life on earth, 248 the lie of anti-Christ as opposition to all that Christ Truth is and stands for will be set up as antithesis to tear down, break up, compromise, and destroy.

249 And the devil's delight is to hold up his red pajamas and say: 250 See me! See my way of merry mediocrity, 251 see my synthesis of two opposing systems that won't work without my intercession and expertise!

252 But oil and water do not mix, 253 nor bond and free, nor the ways of heaven and hell. 254 There is no human solution or dissolution to the Divine Thesis. 255 The cosmic honor flame stands alone. 256 all-one. as the flaming two-edged sword to keep the way of every man's tree of life. (Genesis 3:24)

257 Its purity all consuming is its only response to every synthetic. 258 antithetical assailant of its Divinity untouchable.

259 And the divine alchemist knows the harmony of his elements and which admixture will cause explosion and injury to life. 260 which is the universal solvent and which will change base metals into gold 261 and how to heal the flaws of gem-stones, 262 and the gemstone of the heart.

263 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. (Isaiah 55:8) 264 And the twain shall not be forced to meet by devils disguised in philosopher's robes 265 bearing their synthetic white stone and their compromise solution which shall be their own dissolution in the end.

   -- Chapter 24 - Love ❤️

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