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2. Persistency is recognized as a quality which eventuates in the manifestation of some
aspect of perfection.

3 The courage which men externalize by holding fast to a specific momentum in the face
of every attempt 4 to prevent its manifestation is a thing of beauty, 5 a joy to every heart,
and most wondrous to behold.

6 The very thought of Power in itself brings delight to the hearts of men. 7 The Power of
the universe depicted in the heavens tells men of that seemingly far-off aspect of God 8
for which their souls hunger but unto which it appears impossible to draw nigh. 9 Hope,
together with the element of faith, has enabled men to release some degree of Power 10
into their worlds and to subject it to their control.
      — Power, Chapter 22 in coming SGA 4th Edition.

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