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25 Man cannot bargain with God. 26 Nevertheless, Cosmos is far more ready to give every good and perfect gift to man than man is ready to receive it. 27 The problem, then, lies not in the ocean that is filled with pearls, 28 but in the diver himself, 29 who must be willing to acknowledge the presence of the treasures of heaven in the cosmic depths-treasures that heaven intends man not only to discover but also to possess.

30 By incorrect attitudes, men have kept themselves from the kingdom of heaven. 31 They have sought through magic and, unfortunately, 32 even through witchcraft to win for themselves that which could be obtained on a permanent basis only by willing submission to the will of God, 33 to his intents and his purposes.

34 How long will men deceive themselves? 35 How long will they prevent themselves, 36 by their fears, from surrendering to the living purposes of God? 37 It is as though they would not relinquish their money to the merchants in the shops until they held in hand the
intended purchase.
-- Practical Alchemy. 💜



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